WWE is a fickle and changing world and yesterdays champions can easily become tomorrows has-beens if they can’t reinvent themselves at a pretty rapid pace! Here are 20 ex WWE stars who made waves, did big things in the ring and then fell from grace and out of the public eye…many of whom resorted to drugs, alcohol and in some cases, worse!

The British Bulldog

Davey Boy Smith

Davey Boy Smith

Davey Boy Smith was tough WWE contender although his abuse of steroids eventually saw him sent to rehab. However, sadly in 2002 a heart attack claimed his life which was attributed to steroid abuse and prescription painkillers.

Tyson Tomko


Tomko was heavily featured on TNA and signed a contract with WWE although never appeared on any of their shows. He became addicted to opiates and was eventually arrested after he robbed a pharmacy and was found to be shooting up in the rest rooms of a restaurant. He has been to rehab and is cleaning himself up, but will never return to the ring.