Okay, so there is much debate about who is the best of the best when it comes to WWE and the truth is, you’ll probably always go for your favorite, rather than the technically better athlete. So, to help you work out who’s the best and why, here’s a count down of the 30 best achievers in the WWE. For this list we’re looking at fighters only…not referee’s or commentators or even WAG’s…and they have all been on the TV roster in 2015 too, so they are all the real deal. Who’s top dog…well, that’s really up to you!




Ric Flair’s daughter has all the hallmarks of a great competitor, despite being a little predictable in the ring and almost uncomfortable out of it. Still, 2016 could well be her year, so keep a look out…

The Usos


Although Jey has been out for months dealing with a shoulder injury, but their feud with the Wyatt Family should be continued in 2016 and should be good to watch!