It is almost impossible to say out and out who the best wrestlers of all time are, especially as it is a sport based on fan support as much as actual talent. However, it is possible to say which wrestlers have been the most successful in terms of fan base and income, not to mention title wins. So, just to get the party started…here’s 35 of the top wrestlers of all time in no particular order…whose the best…well that’s up to you!

Mr Perfect


Curt Hennig ran for two reigns as intercontinental champion, so his credentials can not be argued with. He also took part in some classic battles and went from loosing to winning easily.

Randy Orton


Orton became the youngest world champion ever so just for that deserves a place on this list. Perhaps his out of ring antics are the thing that stops him being crowned the best of the best, but it is all up to you at the end of the day!