If there’s one thing that we can expect from the great, entertaining sport that is wrestling…it’s big named comebacks. For instance, Shawn Michaels came back after a ‘career ending, back injury…and how about Terry Funk…he’s come back three times so far!! However…here are some of the best comeback’s in recent history, none of which we saw coming!

Ultimate Warrior


Just days after making his speech whilst being inducted into the Hall Of Fame, we lost Ultimate Warrior for good due to his sad death. However, before he went, he announced a come back for WrestleMania XXX and if not for his sad demise, it could have been a comeback to end them all!



Tatanka was first working for WWE in the early 90’s, but made a ‘one time match’ comeback in 2005…which rather than being a one shot deal, saw his return to WWE for another 2 years and although he didn’t take any title, he was hugely entertaining.