Cameo appearances in film and TV tend to either make or break the potential acting career of a professional athlete. For example, The Rock has gone on to be a very successful actor, leaving behind his athletic career, however, Mike Tyson turned his back on his career in boxing long before he appeared in ‘The Hangover’ which saw him as a character we wanted to make fun of rather than emulate. So, who else from the world of professional sport have played themselves in film and TV…and who was great and who was terrible…?

Tom Brady In Entourage


It’s good to know that Giselle cooks…and that big Tom is ‘used to the heat!’

Lance Armstrong – Dodgeball

So…he took a few drugs…that doesn’t mean that he didn’t win the greatest cycle race in the world multiple times after beating cancer…okay, so he no one ever cheats in the world of professional sport!