What do you get when you mix a natural talent for a particular sport, a huge salary… and…well,  not the best I.Q.? A huge shopping list…that’s what. Just take a look at what your favorite sports professionals are spending their buck on!



Hey, hold on a moment…everyone like a yacht right? Okay, not everyone and most people who do appreciate a stunning water vessel don’t ever get to even go on one, let alone own one. Not so for Tiger Woods, he has a $57 million, 155ft super yacht called of all things…’Privacy’! He even managed to keep it out of his recent divorce settlement.

Huge Mansions


Everyone needs somewhere to hang their coat and hat, and I guess if you’ve got enough money, you can afford a nice wardrobe or two. But sometimes these guys just don’t know when to stop! Take the baseball legend that is Barry Bond for example…he bought… and recently sold… a $25 Million, seven bedroom, thirteen bathroom, 17,000ft guarded mansion in Beverly Hills. It also featured a cinema, a commercial quality gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam room!