Why is it that the richer people tend to be, the more they are open to suggestion when it comes to the casino and game of choice! Whilst we may all enjoy a few hands of Blackjack whilst on vacation in Vegas, professional sportsmen take it to another level. In 2005 John Daly won $750,000 in prize money at a tournament, then the very next day went on to spend $1.5 Million is a Vegas casino…in just 5 hours of playing!!!

Bad Business Ventures


Unfortunately, the average professional sportsman tends to make bad decisions when it comes to investing his hard earned, or perhaps takes bad advice! Most of the time it is bad real estate ventures or investments in restaurants and bars, which never take off once the initial endorsement has worn off, but the worst idea to date of any pro baller was Michael Vick, who’s decision to start a dog fighting ring cost him all of his $130 million contract at Atlanta!