It’s normally a God given talent that makes someone become a professional athlete, not just a love for the game. If you add the politics and hectic schedule that goes along with being in the business of professional sport, it’s easy to see why some competitors may never actually be ‘in love’ with their chosen sport. Here’s 13 World famous, top level sports personalities who actually hated their sport!

Chris Kluwe – Football


This is a great example of someone destined for greatness in other areas who fell into the sport prematurely. Kluwe was a genius child, son to a scientist and a doctor who stumbled into professional football when his high school needed a kicker and Kluwe found that he was pretty good at it! So twenty years later have seen him play for the Minnesota Vikings as well as the Seattle Seahawks and the Oakland Raiders..however, he admitted to not being much of a football fan, and was better known for his love of video games, reading and later, activism – on issues such as same sex marriage and gay rights.

Gary Lockett – Boxing


Lockett was not only a decent boxer, he was in sight of a shot at the world title in the middleweight division. However, Lockett lost his world title fight and announced his retirement from the sport with a record of 30 wins and only 2 losses, stating that he had, “never been a lover of boxing” and that his real love was…of all things…property development!