David Bentley – Soccer


Thought to be the natural successor to the out going David Beckham, but whilst they were similar players in style and pace, Beckham loved the game and Bentley just didn’t. Unbelievably, after playing for the England team he got even more disillusioned with the game and stopped playing regularly in 2010 and retired completely in 2013 at the age of just 29. His lack of passion for the game was the reason he gave for giving up such a promising career.

Brock Lesnar – Professional Wrestling


Perhaps more ‘entertainment’ than sport, but there’s no doubt about the athleticism of the competitors, and Lesnar is as serious a contender as you will get in the ring. He quickly rose to fame and took the WWE world title in 2002, however, whilst he loved the ring, he hated the politics and fuss around the job, not to mention the heavy schedule saying that he felt like a ‘trapped animal’. He hated it all so much that despite his success, Lesnar quit in 2004.