MLS is a league in it’s infancy, when you compare it to other soccer leagues around the world and even the NFL and MLB. So it should come as no surprise that the majority of the players are hardly world class. this means that when a world renowned player signs to a MLS side, it is almost certainly because they are in the twilight of their career or that a huge sum of money has changed hands…to be fair, most probably both! So when we are lucky enough to get a major signing within MLS, you sometimes just have to ask…isn’t this guy still too good for all this? And sometimes…they really are…

Tim Howard


Howard joined the MetroStars in 1998 and quickly showed that he was far too good for MLS and was subsequently signed by Manchester United in 2003. He stayed at Man U. for 4 years before moving on to Everton. He has also played for the US national side no less than 105 times!

Landon Donovan


Donovan is a hero of MLS and American soccer in general. He played 13 years in the MLS, with the San Jose Earthquakes and L.A. Galaxy, and was the all-time top scorer and leading assist creator for the USMNT. He even had a successful spell playing in the English premiership for Everton.