The NBA Draft is based on an all round effort at ‘fair play’ where the worst teams are given the first shot at signing the newest, best and brightest players on the block. Whilst the theory behind this idea is solid, it means that time and again we see poorer tams sign an amazing player which actually has a negative effect all round as the player and team just don’t fit together. Here’s 12 examples of players who should have made a bigger impact on their team, but the truth was, the team just wasn’t good enough!

Brad Daugherty


Despite career averages of 19 points and 9.5 rebounds, whilst also playing against some of the best centers ever to play the game, Daugherty’s teams were only able to move past the first round of the playoffs just twice during his 10-year NBA career.

Carmelo Anthony


Anthony played 7 seasons for the Nuggets, with 6 of those resulting in not making the playoffs, even though he was one of the best players around at the time. Anthony had averaged 24.7 points and 6.2 rebounds per game in his time in Denver, before making the move to the Knicks.