Like most sports, Golf’s elite players have the opportunity to make the most out of their career’s in the game.

With the right endorsement deals a player can be set for life and can make a living years into their retirement.

Check out Golf’s Top 10 earners in 2015.



10. Bubba Watson


2012 and 2014 Masters champion, Bubba Watson is 10th with a total earnings of $15,111,978.

With two green jackets and a pink driver, Watson owes a third of his earnings to off course endorsements.

Off Course: $5,750,000

On Course: $9,361,978

Total: $15,111,978

9. Adam Scott


Australia’s number one golfer and 2013 Masters Champion has a total earnings of $15,256,141.

ON COURSE: $5,756,141

OFF COURSE: $9,500,000

TOTAL: $15,256,141