We all know that WWE is scripted and it’s a money making business, so celebrity appearances are to be expected.

After Wayne Rooney handed Wayne Barrett a ‘slap down’ last week, we have looked into what celebrity appearances have worked and what haven’t.

Here’s the eight most awkward celebrity appearances in WWE.


Kid Rock’s Performance


At Wrestlemania XXV in 2009, the American singer/rapper performed a five song medley ahead of the Diva’s battle.

Despite his enthusiasm and an appropriate second name, Kid didn’t get the crowd excited for anything as it soon became apparent that another match would have fitted better in it’s place.



There’s not much to say about this one, apart from it was just bizarre.

Promoting the Robocop 2 film in a WCW pay per view event in 1990, Sting is saved by Robocop who breaks open the cage that was trapping the wrestling star.