Let’s admit it, we’d all love to be a NFL mascot.

As the mascot, you are regarded as an important member of the franchise, get to participate in silly features and dance with cheerleaders!

Here’s 14 of our favourite NFL Mascots.


Billy Buffalo – Buffalo Bills


The 8ft tall Buffalo, was born in 2000 and has been the Buffalo Bills’ mascot ever since.

Billy wears his own squad number of ‘BB’.

Rampage – St. Louis Rams


Rampage was officially named and unveiled at St. Louis Zoo, after fan Chris Shafer won a ‘naming’ competition in 2010.

According to Vice-President, Kevin Demoff,  Rampage has the coating of a stuffed animal, but the build of a superhero.

Rampage is expected to make 300 public appearances a year, like the first ceremonial pitch at St Louis Cardinals’ baseball game in 2010.