With Hurricane Barney in full force this week, people all over Britain have had issues with the 75mph winds, especially travel, but we think we’ve found the person most affected by the storm.

His name is Kamarl Duncan and he plays in defence for Thurrock United in the English Isthmian League.

Apart from receiving a red card, scoring an own goal is the worst thing you can do in Football.

However, thanks to Hurricane Barney we think Duncan is the unluckiest player to ever score in his own net.

You really can’t explain it until you’ve seen it. Video courtesy of BeanymanSports.


Poor Duncan, plays an innocent defensive clearance up field but the winds force the ball up into the air and backwards towards his own goal.

The swirling winds are too much for his goalkeeper Rhys Madden, who can only help the ball into the net.

To add insult to injury, Duncan’s own goal was the equaliser, in the 1-1 draw on Tuesday night.