As mentioned before, the contracts that professional athletes aren’t always their biggest source of income.

When you are at the top of your game, you are hot property for endorsement deals.

Endorsement deals can range from featuring in adverts, wearing particular clothing or drinking/eating a particular product.

Athletes also have their own ‘brands’ that help and will continue to help them make money off the playing field.

You can understand why they do this, especially when you consider a footballer will usually retire by the time he is 40.

That’s not to say without endorsement deals, professional athletes are poor, far from it, but if you had the chance to make money years after you retire you would.

Here’s the top 10 athletes that have made the most in endorsement deals in 2015.


10. Mahendra Singh Dhoni-  $27 Million


With a reported net worth of $31 million, most of India’s 34 year old captain’s income comes from endorsements.

A firm fan favourite since his debut in 2004, Dhoni has had deals in fashion, beauty products, Pepsi (as featured) and even has a biopic film coming out at the end of this year.