13. Tom Benson – Net Worth: $2.2 Billion


Benson has owned the New Orleans Saints since 1985 and has divided opinion amongst Saints fans.

His greatest moment is obviously Saints 31–17 win over the Indianapolis Colts on February 7, 2010 to win Super Bowl XLIV.

12. Jim Irsay – Net Worth: $2.3 Billion

Indianapolis Colts Release Peyton Manning - News Conference

Irsay inherited the Indiannapolis Colts franchis in 1995 from his father who suffered a stroke.

The owner is well liked amongst the Colts fans as he was responsible for the drafting of Peyton Manning (1998) and Andrew Luck (2012), however in 2014 Irsay was found to have a drug problem and spent time in rehab, resulting in a six NFL match suspension.