14. Scott Seiner and DDP


Hot head Scott Seiner was always partial to the odd bust-up backstage during his WWE career.

We will always remember the moment he attacked DDP after being confronted by his opponent after using explicit language towards Page’s wife.

Page claimed that Steiner was trying to pull his eyes out of his socket and admitted that he was genuinely terrified of Seiner.

13. Ken Shamrock and The Nasty Boys


Shamrock confronted a heavily intoxicated Brian Knobbs in a bar but Brian waved him off with a hand to his face.

The ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man’ didn’t let that lie as he attacked Knobbs in his hotel room but reportedly received a blow from behind by Jerry Sags.

The feud continued years later when Shamrock challenged the Knobbs to a one on one battle in an airport, but Sags declined to fight the former MMA star.