Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown is known for his inventive and silly end zone celebrations.

Scoring a touchdown is a cause for gloating but according to the NFL his latest celebration was a ‘jump’ too far.

The Steelers wide receiver has been fined  $11,576 for his ‘running jump’ in his side’s 45-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

With the game already won Brown rubbed salt into the Colts’ wounds by returning a punt for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.


But his celebration was deemed ‘unsportsmanlike’ by the NF, hence the fine.

Watch Brown hilariously attempted to jump and stick onto the goalpost, but fail.

So not only did Brown receive a fine but his celebration didn’t even work.

We feel sorry for the poor steward the other side of the post.

Video courtesy of Captain Hawkii