Whether you are an amateur player or an international athlete, suffering an injury can be heartbreaking.

With the modern medical advances, every chance is given to an athlete who suffers from a career threatening injury.

However you need to be a determined and brave individual to make a comeback.

Here’s the top 15 most incredible athlete injury comebacks.

15. Tommy John


The elbow is obviously very important for a pitcher in baseball, when Tommy John required a specialist surgery on his left elbow, it was named after him.

In 1976, the season after his surgery, John won the Comeback Player Of The Year award and went on to make multiple All-Star teams in his following 14 seasons.

14. Djibril Cisse


Djibril Cisse almost lost his leg in 2004, when he suffered a fracture playing for Liverpool but was svaed thanks to the on-field physios.

Two years later after a remarkable comeback, Cisse broke his leg again playing for his country France.

He recovered again to play another nine years before retiring in 2015.