Whether they support them for pure self-promotion or are lifelong fans, every supporter loves a famous fan.

We’ve tracked down the most famous celebrities to support Premier League clubs.

West Brom’s most famous supporter may surprise you.


Arsenal – Idris Elba


We all know Piers Morgan is a huge fan of the Gunners, but their coolest fan has to be British actor, Idris Elba.

The Luther and The Wire star has been a fan of the North London club since he was a boy despite growing up in Newham, East London.

Other famous fans include Jay-Z, Spike Lee and Prince Harry.

Aston Villa – Prince William


As President of the FA, Prince William is a regular at football matches and is a regular at Villa Park.

The Prince is often seen wearing the club colours when he watches his team.

Other famous fans include David Cameron (or does he support West Ham) and Ozzy Osborne.