Unfortunately in football it’s all about the money.

As we’ve seen in recent years, teams like Chelsea and Manchester City have been able to ‘buy’ success after huge investment from their Chairman.

But which team is the richest in the world? How do the Premier League teams compare to European giants like Bayern Munich and Barcelona?

Auditing firm Deloitte have completed their annual survey of the 20 Richest clubs in the world, so take a look and see where your team ranks.

In some cases maybe being rich doesn’t guarantee you success…


20. West Ham United – €160,000,000


With the planned move to the London Olympic Stadium in Summer 2016, West Ham are newcomers to the Richest 20 list.

19. Inter Milan – €164,000,000


The 2010 Champions League winners have suffered with form in the last few seasons but still have a lot of money to play with.