It’s not only Premier League footballers who are on hefty contracts, managers and coaches become instant millionaires when they secure themselves the top job.

But when it all goes wrong it is usually their fault.

It is not uncommon to see multiple sackings during the Premier League season.

When you see some of the pay-off’s these managers have received for getting the sack, you’ll wonder whether losing your job is actually a bad thing…

16. Roberto Mancini


Despite winning Man City’s first ever Premier League title in 2012, Mancini lost his job in 2013 to make way for Manuel Pellegrini.

He received £7 million for his services.

15. Claudio Ranieri


It’s hard to imagine Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri ever being sacked.

The ‘Tinker man’ received a big money pay-off of £4 million when he was sacked by Monaco.