Social media is a great tool for fans to keep in touch with their favourite player’s every move.

But we have to admit, nine times out of ten, a professional athlete’s profile is managed by someone else.

So it was a surprise to see Australian tennis star, Nick Kyrgios, personally responding to someone’s negative comment on his Facebook profile.

Following his maiden ATP title win in the Marseille Open, Kyrgios took to the social media platform to share a photo of his trophy.


However, an unnamed Facebook user commented on the photo claiming Krygios’ win was ‘a fluke’ and stating that the Aussie ‘won’t win again’.

The ‘hater’ also claimed that the Marseille Open was a ‘minor tournament’.

Krygios, 20, is possibly the most outspoken player in tennis since John McEnroe, replied with an amazing response.


The Aussie listed his opponents before saying ‘see ya hater’.

Not happy with his response, the ‘non-fan’ responded saying he can ‘see straight through’ the tennis star.

Krygios then hilariously reacted¬†with “I’m glad you can see straight through me, all I can see is deluded dribbling and bad grammar”.

We feel sorry for the Facebook user who didn’t expect to see Krygios respond to his comment, but applaud the Aussie for not taking the negative comments.

So next time you go slating a professional athlete on social media for their performance, remember there is a possibility they might see it, especially Nick Krygios.

Oh, congratulations to Krygios on his first ATP title, we think it’s a great achievement.