Team USA’s controversial sprinter Justin Gatlin has set a new world record for the 100m, but it won’t count.

The sprinter who is expected to be Usain Bolt’s rival at Rio 2016 set a new world record of 9.45 seconds on a Japanese television gameshow.


However, despite being 0.13 seconds faster than Bolt’s World Record of 9.58, set in 2009, Gatlin had some help along the way.

Gatlin, who was handed an eight year ban for doping in 2006, has made a comeback and was on the show Kasupe!


Aided by industrial sized fans, Gatlin had a 20mph tailwind helping him with his effort.

This means the time won’t count because it was not a natural wind and it was also four times the speed allowed for competition.

Watch below as Gatlin records the time, much to the delight of the Japanese television cast and crew.

The experiment reiterates just how phenomenal Bolt’s world record run in the Berlin World Championships was.

Video courtesy of Music & Sports.